Faith Leadership

Group Leaders

Peter and Sarah Cassel have been involved in Christian education since they were young people themselves. Peter grew up in Calvary Baptist School in Landsdale, Pennsylvania, and Sarah grew up in Silver State Baptist School in Lakewood, Colorado. The couple met at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. Peter taught 4th – 6th grades at Highlands Baptist Academy in Centennial, CO for three years and has been serving the Lord at TNS Associates as an attorney for sixteen years. Sarah taught at Highlands Baptist Academy for nine years, worked in the software industry for six years, and then God blessed them with two dear children who she has been homeschooling for five years now. They attend Calvary Church in Aurora and Peter continues to lead the Front Range United Soccer League that he has been coaching and directing for twenty plus years now. Peter and Sarah have been an active part of Aurora Faith Fellowship for three years and have recently stepped into directing the Aurora Faith Fellowship as God guides.

Enrollment/Membership Coordinator

Stefan and Judith Liedle both grew up being homeschooled in central Georgia. Stefan has a Baptist background, and Judith’s heritage was Mennonite. They  now call Calvary Aurora their home church. They have lived in Aurora since 2014, and are blessed with five children. Stefan is a software engineer, and Judith teaches their kids at home.

Both Stefan and Judith enjoy outdoor sports and recreation, and are passionate about being image bearers of Christ, spreading His light to the  community.


Lorrie Burdick and her husband Scott are homeschooling parents of seven (currently educating four, three have graduated) and have been involved in Aurora Faith Fellowship since 2019. They have homeschooled their six sons and one daughter from the beginning and have enjoyed the journey of faith and learning that the Lord continues to lead them through. Lorrie serves as Faith’s treasurer.

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