About Christian Faith Homeschool Fellowship

Who We Are:

We are a family-oriented, Christian support ministry for home educators in the Aurora, Colorado area. We seek to:

• Meet and fellowship with other homeschooling families
• Give and receive encouragement
• Learn from one another
• Support whole-family involvement in homeschooling
• Pray for one another


Our Purpose is to:

Honor the Lord Jesus Christ, for it is by His grace that He has called and empowered us to teach our children;

Encourage parents in their God-given responsibility of educating their children;

Promote academic and social activities for families within our group;

Share information regarding successful Christian homeschooling;

Encourage families to seek and develop fellowship and friendships among group members.


Statement of FAITH


Meet our Leadership


Who Can Join?

Our members:

• Are active homeschooling families
• Agree with our Statement of Faith
• Contribute $15 for annual membership dues
• Agree to use information on the group roster (membership list) only for FAITH group communications
• Agree not to promote public school enrichment programs at FAITH activities


What We Do

• Host monthly “Presentation Days” for our students (see below)
• Regular field trips
• Monthly Mom’s support meetings
• Couples meetings
• Dad’s support meetings
• Annual World Studies Fair
• Annual Science Fair
• End-of-Year Ceremony
• Family group picnics, miniature golf outings & movie nights
• Service projects


What is a Presentation Day?

Each month, we provide an opportunity for our children to present something they have learned to an audience of their peers and parents. This might be a science project, poem or scripture recitation, singing or musical performance, book report, or another type of demonstration. Children who do not wish to share are very welcome to be part of the audience.

This regular public speaking exercise gives our children a chance to be proud of what they have learned in front of their peers, in addition to honing public presentation skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.


Can’t Decide Yet?

We invite you to come check us out at one of our presentation days! Or, Contact Us so we can answer your questions in person.