How to become a member

Membership in Aurora Faith Fellowship includes diverse families with one goal:  Christian Home Education of our children.

Our members:

  • Are active homeschooling families
  • Agree with our Statement of Faith
  • Contribute $15 for annual membership dues
  • Agree to use information on the group roster (membership list) only for FAITH group communications
  • Agree not to promote public school enrichment programs at Faith activities

To become a member:

  • Learn more About Us and find out who we are and why we exist.
  • Read our FAQ page for more information about us and our activities.
  • Read, understand, and agree with our Statement of Faith.
  • Contact Us to learn more about the group, its activities, and families.
  • Make a prayerful decision.
  • Request membership information.
  • Commit to be actively engaged in the group.

A community of Christian homeschool families TOGETHER for the glory of God.